Two events, ABRIL and MAY in italy 2008: PICNIC AT THE TEMPLE and competition GO CIVIC

PICNIC AT THE TEMPLE is the annual appointment created by Marco Navarra for the Giardino Arena, the station of the Linear Park between Caltagirone and Piazza Armerina, in Sicily, designed by himself. The event (May 6 to 11, 2008), organized by NOWA in association with Erremix www.erremix.com, is conceived as a one- week meeting moment when 80 students and newly graduated in architecture, agriculture and arts, are stimulated to interact with the landscape, to imagine new scenarios through architecture, writing, graphic design, video, photography. The intersection of various subjects is the privileged horizon of the initiative, which stands as one of the most interesting occasions to project contemporary landscape.


The fourth edition of the workshop, that is for the second time thematized on BUILDING NATURAL, will be led by architects, video makers, landscape artists, communication experts. Among them, Stefano Boeri, Marco Brizzi, Maria Luisa Frisa, Fabrizia Ippolito, Mario Lupano, Peppe Maisto, François Mechain, Stefano Mirti, Matteo Mocchi, Simone Muscolino, Marco Navarra, Luca Poncellini, Gianluigi Ricuperati, Alessandro Rocca, Armin Schubert, Elena Vincenzi, Weis and De Mattia.

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The Municipality of Prato, Italy, presents GO CIVIC www.comune.prato.it/gocivic, the program -imagined as a multi-annual cycle of initiatives- started in order to set forth a discussion on the theme of public works. The first stage of GO CIVIC deals with the theme of spaces for education, intended as places of interaction and exploration, as well as instruction. For this purpose, the Municipality of Prato is organizing a project competition and a forum to identify and clarify effective scholastic building; and so it has invited anthropologists, educators and architects to join in on and enhance the discussion.


The project competition -as an open, anonymous, single stage procedure- will select two preliminary projects for the realization of 2 new primary schools within the town of Prato. The president of the Jury is Herman Hertzberger. The due date for the project consignment is 24 April 2008. The Conclusion of the Jury: 30 May, 2008.

The forum (Prato, Magnolfi Nuovo, 28-29 March 2008) will explore scholastic buildings in all of their various aspects, examining not only the project surveys and regulatory factors, but also the social, cultural and anthropological elements that are tied to the "civic" value of schools. New schools for the city of cultures, as the title of the forum as well as the competition, alludes to the new social identity of Prato, a city which, over the past years, has had a unique type of demographic growth, due mainly to a consistent phenomenon of immigration. The space of the school emerges as a primary and necessary response to the transformation of the contemporary city.

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