Tony Owen NDM Architects design The Entrance in Australia


The Entrance is a coastal resort town one hour north of Sydney.




This mixed use development occupies a site known as the ‘Key Site’ as it is the focal site in the town located on the corner of the main street and the scenic waterfront. The development consists of 12,000m2 of tourist related retail podium and a luxury apartment tower above.




The 3 storey podium contains a supermarket, specialty stores a waterfront restaurant level, as well as department store, function centre and gym. The residential tower will set new standards for the area with proposed balcony edge swimming pools and grand living spaces.




The unique cross over egg shaped design ensures that all balconies have a double height space to maximise sun penetration.




Despite the curved shape the unit layouts are quite rectangular and regular and repeat over all levels. The geometry of the deign is derived from the curved patterns created in the estuarine marsh sands due to the effects of the coastal tidal flows and reflects the imprint which the environment creates on the natural Australian landscape.


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