Minimalist Architecture Design Ochsner House, TOKYO

The Japanese minimalist house building design by George Dasic Architects located in Tokyo is situated at the south side of the site, leaving ample space for two spacious modern courtyards at the north side. Principally the residence is planned in steel and concrete. Extruded Cement Panels (Flouo-carbon Polymer Paint Finish) are used as the cladding material architectures. They acceptable for a high level of home structure precision as well “creative home texture”. The luxury and airy interior was typically treated with white color paint whereas floor is trawled concrete and oak flooring design. The Ochsner House project is separated into three zones. A private zone, containing the family’s individual rooms and a utility space is placed on the home ground level. The third zone includes the main living room and it contains no real rooms. There are only functional zones – living room, dining room, and contemporary kitchen – whose borders are defined ambiguously by glass opaque screens, ceiling-height variations and interplay of inside-outside room as an alternative of the natural literal doors and partition walls. For more information and pictures gallery Ochsner Hous design visit: www.dasic.com








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Arquitectos Jorge Harris y Carolina Harris

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