we are happy to announce that the exhibition S(E)OUL SCAPE. Towards a New Urbanity in Korea, after its premiere in Florence, will open (April 9 at 8 pm) at Ras www.rasbcn.com in Barcelona, the bookshop and gallery of Actar www.actar.com publishing house. The exhibition will be at Ras from April 10 until May 3, 2008.




Curated by Francisco Sanin, the S(E)OUL SCAPE exhibition identifies in the work of six among the most well known Korean architects -Chung Guyon, Joh Sung-yong, Kim Young-joon, Min Hyun-sik, Seung H-sang, Yi Jong-ho- a program that persistently reveals itself in the culture, in teaching, in the theoretical research that accompanies the daily architectural practice. For this reason, -the presence of this exhibition at Ras -Francisco Sanin affirms- constitutes an important occasion for a dialogue and an exchange of ideas among the various urban and architectural research agendas in Asia and in Europe today.- -A sectional overlook of Korean contemporary architecture can be compared to some research in the Catalan context -Kim Young-joon says-. A discussion should start on the global, brand oriented trends, starting from a mutual understanding of what 'locality' means these days.-
 Albert Ferre, from Ras, says: -S(E)OUL SCAPE, which inaugurates our relationship with iMage in the context of a European network of architectural galleries, offers the opportunity to reassess the emergence of new forms of urban space in Korea following the presentation in Ras of the Paju Book City exhibition in the end of 2005. Korea's spectacular growth and pace of transformation continues to be a rich source of examples for Actar's ongoing interest in the study of the contemporary urban condition.-
 The S(E)OUL SCAPE. Towards a New Urbanity in Korea exhibition comes with a catalogue published by episode publishers www.episode-publishers.nl.
 The event is part of the program of traveling exhibitions produced and organized by iMage.
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"Club of Commune by the Great Wall, Yangping Country, Beijing, China, 2002, Seung H-sang." (photo by: Asakawa Satoshi)



"Seonyudo Park, Yeongdeungpo, Korea, 2002, Joh Sung-yong con Seo-Ahn Landscape Architects Associate." (photo by: Kim Jea-kyeong)


"Hyehwa Culture Center for Daejeon University, Donggu, Daejeon, Korea, 2004, Seung H-sang." (photo by: Osamu Murai)



"S Residence, Seoguipo, Jejudo, Korea, Kim Young-joon." (photo by: Kim Jea-kyeong)



"HAYYIM, Seocho ku, Seoul, Korea, 2005, Min Hyun-sik." (photo by: Jong Oe Kim)



Bus stop, Muju, Korea, 2000, Chung Guyon."



"Gwangju biennale project 4, Gwangju, Korea, 2002, Yi Jong-ho."



"Welcomm City, Junggu, Seoul, Korea, 2000, Seung H-sang." (photo by: Osamu Murai)



"H residence, Heyri Art Valley, Paju, Gyeongido, Korea, 2005, Kim Young-joon." (photo by: Kim Jea-kyeon)



Club of Commune by the Great Wall, Yangping Country, Beijing, China, 2002, Seung H-sang."


"Gwangju biennale project 4, Gwangju, Korea, 2002, Yi Jong-ho."





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