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Architectural Design Concept
Zaha Hadid architects initlal approach for the design of the new Dance and Music Centre in The Hague originates from an understandig of the urban dynamics and relationship of the site with its immedíate surroundings, the Spuiplein and its relation with the Nieu-wekerk.

Roofline within skyline

Startig at equal height to its surroundings at the Northwestern corner the new Dance and Music Centre gradually rises towards the Southeast culminating in a dramatic peak at the most Eastern tip. This gracious curving roofline neatly nestles itself along the rising city skyline that runs from the lower buildings around the Nieuwe Kerk to the taller volumes of the Vtfjnhavenkwartier The new Dance and Music Centre thereby forms a graceful, iconic landmark for the city of The Hague.














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